Boudoir for Brides

Boudoir sessions with exclusive pricing for ttp wedding clients

This is going to be a lot of fun.

Ok, so maybe it can't compare with that one crazy night during Spring Break in Daytona. But the lingering effects will be much more pleasant. Instead of a wicked hangover, you'll have the most unbelievably gorgeous photos of yourself you've ever had - to keep forever (and to show off)! You're going to look even HOTTER than you did when you took that drunk selfie with the guy you thought was in that one band. You're going to rearrange the bookshelf yet again and "accidentally" leave your sexy little boudoir album on the coffee table where you-know-who might find it. You're going to low-key consider becoming a lingerie model in your spare time. What's not to love about this?!

I'm here for it. Tell me more?

You should plan on blocking out about 5 hours. Boudoir Sessions are typically scheduled on a weekday, but if you don't have weekdays available and you still want to get your sexy on, we can find a date that does work for you. PROFESSIONAL HAIR AND MAKEUP IS RECOMMENDED. I will provide a list of preferred artists, but you are also welcome to book anyone of your choosing. You're going to want a hair and makeup artist to take home with you. Sadly, I cannot provide that at this time. ;)


12:00 pm: Hair & Makeup at your home
1:30 pm: You see yourself in the mirror and morph into the sexiest bitch you know (and you know a lot of sexy bitches). Time to memorialize your extreme hotness forever with photographic evidence!
2:00 pm: Time to memorialize your extreme hotness forever with photographic evidence! Session starts!
4:00 pm: Head home and transform yourself like the clock has struck midnight so your fiancé doesn't wonder what you've been up to, or go out for a night on the town!

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Where will the session be?

Sessions take place in your home or at a hotel or Airbnb (client is responsible for additional fees). For home sessions, your bedroom should have a decent amount of natural light and bedding that you will be happy with for the photos - solid neutral colors usually look best.

What do I wear?

Once your Design Form is submitted, you will receive a custom Pinterest Board with with live links to wardrobe and lingerie you can purchase, if desired. You will also have access to my Client Closet, which contains several vintage nighties. I recommend three outfits: One sweet and pretty (maybe with your veil), one dark and sexy, and one bold and fun or effortlessly casual.

Yes, Dudeoir is a thing too.

What happens after the session?

After your session, we will schedule your in person Session Reveal. I will come to your house (or we can meet for coffee/drinks if you need somewhere away from your fiancé). You will see your fully edited images in a slideshow set to music and make your image & product selection and place your order. You will receive any digital image purchases that day. Prints take about a week to be delivered, and albums about two weeks after you've approved your album design.

How much does it cost?

Your session is reserved with a $200 Session Fee. Most boudoir clients spend between $995 - $2500 at their Session Reveal. Click here to request detailed pricing information.